Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I am sending the bagelen below for DMBLGIT photo event :)

When you have no idea on what to do with the bread on your dining table, try making bagelen. This is one of the best ways to use up your bread. You can use the plain white bread or french baguette. For topping variations, you can add cheese, garlic, parsley and pizza seasoning. Bagelen is very crispy and delicious when served with a cup of hot tea :)

The second and third pictures are tributes to my lovely baking tray. She has been keeping me company for almost 3 years now :) She has been involved in the production of cookies, rolls, popcorn, french fries and many others, including this yummy bagelen :D Hopefully, she will continue working in my oven regardless of all her cuts and scratches ^^ 


8 slices white bread
100 gr butter
80 gr sugar
1/2 tsp vanilla

1) Cut white bread into strips.
2) Cream butter, sugar and vanilla until fluffy.
3) Spread buttercream over white bread.
4) Bake at 160 deg C for 20 minutes.

32 bagelen

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